Cabañeros National Park opens three new routes during this Easter

Cabañeros National Park, which runs in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, will open three new trails coinciding with Easter, two of them in the valley of Viñuela and another in the Rocigalgo Massif.

Sources National Park have advanced Efe that routes can be made from next Wednesday, March 23.

The route Viñuela Valley has its starting point 17 kilometers from the town of Horcajo de los Montes and Retuerta del Bullaque 14, between kilometers 80 and 81 of the CM-4106 road linking the two towns.

This is a semi-circular route of 13 kilometers round trip and moderate difficulty, which runs along the shady and sunny in a well-preserved Mediterranean forest in which you can see copies of rebollar centenarians and forests of oak trees.

In this way, moreover, it is easy to come across deer and wild boar and also see in the sky black and vultures, and different species of eagles, indicated the sources.

Another route that opens to the public is the route of the Cañada Real Segoviana, linear layout and 1.8 kilometers round trip, whose route runs along the sunny side of the Sierra del Chorito.

On this route you can enjoy a closed vegetation jarales between arbutus and ancient oaks of broad crown and his first stop is a gazebo overlooking the park.

The third route Cabañeros added to its catalog of visits is Rocigalgo Massif, which links to the Rocigalgo and has its starting point 9 kilometers from the town of Los Navalucillos Toledo.

To get there you must pass the kilometer 16 of the CM-4155 road towards Robledo del Buey, take the dirt track and pass the recreational area of ​​the Calves to the information booth National Park.

This third route is circular path, it connects with Route del Chorro, has a length of 19 kilometers and is considered highly difficult as it passes through the most mountainous and rugged national park area.

After saving the stream of Chorro, he begins the first leg, a long climb of 5.7 kilometers with a succession of curves horseshoe where the oak forest gives way to oak and often see the flight of the vultures.

Once at the top the route changes to the southern slope passes through a slide up and down for 4.8 kilometers and takes up the last slope, which ends Rocigalgo summit at 1,448 meters.

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