Casa Sebastiana

Casa Sebastiana

Casa Sebastiana es una casa que está emplazada en Horcajo de los Montes, en pleno Parque nacional de cabañeros y con vistas a este mismo.

Está dotada de cocina equipada con lavavajillas, lavadora, horno, microondas, nevera, cafetera y salones acogedores con chimeneas, sofás y leña gratuita. 

Para las temporadas más cálidas del año, aire acondicionado para que la estancia de nuestros huéspedes sea más relajante y placentera.

La casa cuenta con 4 habitaciones con calefacción y aire acondicionado.

En su exterior dispone de una amplia terraza con cenador y porche equipado con cocina y horno de leña.





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Cabañeros National Park opens three new routes during this Easter

Cabañeros National Park, which runs in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, will open three new trails coinciding with Easter, two of them in the valley of Viñuela and another in the Rocigalgo Massif.

Sources National Park have advanced Efe that routes can be made from next Wednesday, March 23.

The route Viñuela Valley has its starting point 17 kilometers from the town of Horcajo de los Montes and Retuerta del Bullaque 14, between kilometers 80 and 81 of the CM-4106 road linking the two towns.

This is a semi-circular route of 13 kilometers round trip and moderate difficulty, which runs along the shady and sunny in a well-preserved Mediterranean forest in which you can see copies of rebollar centenarians and forests of oak trees.

In this way, moreover, it is easy to come across deer and wild boar and also see in the sky black and vultures, and different species of eagles, indicated the sources.

Another route that opens to the public is the route of the Cañada Real Segoviana, linear layout and 1.8 kilometers round trip, whose route runs along the sunny side of the Sierra del Chorito.

On this route you can enjoy a closed vegetation jarales between arbutus and ancient oaks of broad crown and his first stop is a gazebo overlooking the park.

The third route Cabañeros added to its catalog of visits is Rocigalgo Massif, which links to the Rocigalgo and has its starting point 9 kilometers from the town of Los Navalucillos Toledo.

To get there you must pass the kilometer 16 of the CM-4155 road towards Robledo del Buey, take the dirt track and pass the recreational area of ​​the Calves to the information booth National Park.

This third route is circular path, it connects with Route del Chorro, has a length of 19 kilometers and is considered highly difficult as it passes through the most mountainous and rugged national park area.

After saving the stream of Chorro, he begins the first leg, a long climb of 5.7 kilometers with a succession of curves horseshoe where the oak forest gives way to oak and often see the flight of the vultures.

Once at the top the route changes to the southern slope passes through a slide up and down for 4.8 kilometers and takes up the last slope, which ends Rocigalgo summit at 1,448 meters.

Government publishes a study of the varied flora of the National Park Cabañeros

This book, written by Ramon Perea García-Calvo, Diego F. Perea Ruiz-Giménez Tapior and Gil Fernando Velasco, is «the first volume of what will be a small collection of books Technical Series Autonomous National Parks who develop the varied flora completely enclosing these lands».

EFEverde.- The book «Vegetation and Flora of the National Park Cabañeros» a study of the different plant communities that make up the landscape of the park, has just been published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

This book, written by Ramon Perea García-Calvo, Diego F. Perea Ruiz-Giménez Tapior and Gil Fernando Velasco, is «the first volume of what will be a small collection of books Technical Series Autonomous National Parks who develop the varied flora completely enclosing these lands «.

In a press release, the Ministry of Agriculture has reported that «this first analyzes the different tiles or plant communities that make up the landscape of Cabañeros, analyzing vegetation from the point of view of its floristic composition, spatial distribution, ecology and conservation. »

Cabañeros Park hosts at least 32 habitats of community interest. Given its floristic and landscape interest, it has chosen to describe succinctly and orderly manner different protected habitats, their representation in the Park and routes and places more suitable to observe them.

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[testimonial name=»» avatar=»male» image=»» image_border_radius=»» company=»» link=»» target=»_self»]»All this is included in a specific section that develops, schematically, the protected vegetation of the National Park», the statement said.[/testimonial]

The book begins with an introductory section that includes a brief history and description of the physical environment with the idea of introducing the reader to the main factors that determine the current landscape of Cabañeros.

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[testimonial name=»» avatar=»male» image=»» image_border_radius=»» company=»» link=»» target=»_self»]Given the importance and richness of wildlife in this park, the authors have devoted a section, «the role of wildlife in vegetation, to the influence that certain species have on vegetation and plant-animal interactions in tree regeneration «.[/testimonial]

The book includes a chapter which describes the main routes of geobotanical interest, in order to guide the visitor on his tours of the National Park and its surroundings.

Details of the main plant formations

In these routes are the main vegetation, taxa or copies most striking and most floristic interest, the originality of each route and the difficulty and duration thereof are described. Each route is accompanied by a small map of vegetation in order to facilitate the visitor the identification of the main plant formations.

«With divulging eagerness have exposed some basic concepts to understand the nomenclature used in this science known as Phytosociology, or study of plant associations, and included numerous illustrations, photographs and diagrams to help deepen the understanding of plant communities «it concludes the statement of the ministry. EFEverde

Cabañeros opens a «large terrace» which lets you review the entire national park

Cabañeros National Park, in the heart of the Montes de Toledo, being this Easter one of the most visited destinations nature of the province. The opening in late October of the new interpretation center Horcajo de los Montes, who this week is open daily uninterrupted hours (10:00 to 19:00), on Wednesday joined the opening of three new hiking trails two of them halfway between Horcajo and Retuerta del Bullaque, and the third in Los Navalucillos (Toledo), to ascend to massif Rocigalgo, allowing both the short and family walk, a long walk of moderate difficulty and even high .

The path of the Cañada Real Segoviana is cortita, 1.8 kilometers, but can see the entire park from a viewpoint that is installed in a strategic point in the center of Cabañeros: «a magnificent panorama of the park is from the raña unique to the highest peak, the Rocigalgo, «says Mariano Gomez, president of the Cabañeros Hortur association of tourist entrepreneurs Horcajo de los Montes, the population of the ciudarrealeña part with more tourist infrastructure.

The trail of La Viñuela (both routes out of the 80-81 kilometer of the CM-4106 road to Retuerta Horcajo) crosses an area of ​​rebollar very interesting. semicircular path of thirteen kilometers, Gomez believes that the nice thing is watch the changing of the seasons. «The cross streams and enters the raña until a quejigar». In this way it is possible to see deer, wild boars and especially birds: vultures, eagles …noticia-1-2

These trails has joined the route Rocigaldo Massif in Los Navalucillos, 19 kilometers that run through the mountainous and rugged park (more information, and three to a dozen routes walk that can be done for free, like the classic Boqueron Estena, Navas. In this offer there unite the guided vehicles 4 × 4 tours, guided by park staff paths for which authorization is required, in addition to visitor centers like Chopsticks House in Pueblonuevo del Bullaque, the wildlife museum Zoorama Retuerta and Ethnographic Alcoba.noticia-1-2

«We are very pleased with the new system for public use. We are very optimistic for the future, we have great expectations for this year, «added Gomez.

Interest in the new routes are noticing these days in offices park reserve. The premiere of spring, always a time very good to go to Cabañeros, as in September during the «rutting» deer the Cabañeros Hortur association has published a new comprehensive brochure with all the new information about Horcajo de los Montes and rest of the park.

And according to the president of the tourism business interest in the new visitor center, a large building on the outskirts of Horcajo, is still high. «The past weekend was an average of 150 people per day.»
The space has several recreational and audiovisual rooms to meet the natural values ​​of the park. Admission is free and from Easter keep their summer schedule from Thursday to Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00.