13 Fully Remote Jobs You Can Get Without a Bachelor’s Degree

Though the remote data entry job market is plagued with scams, there are indeed some legit companies that occasionally hire remote workers. Online English teachers instruct students from countries https://remotemode.net/ where English isn’t the primary language. This job is “great for former teachers or if you don’t mind working super early in the morning” due to time zone differences, Inman said.

North Bay accounting leaders reveal changes to their business … – North Bay Business Journal

North Bay accounting leaders reveal changes to their business ….

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Most recruiters are looking for applicants with proven experience and skills, and your portfolio and resume are great ways to showcase your previous projects. Another challenging part of working from home is the distractions in your environment. Remote workers should be able to work efficiently despite the noise and other factors that can steal or ruin their attention. Having a designated quiet room as your office will help you stay focused on your tasks.

Business Transcriptionist

There a lot of work-from-home jobs that you can choose that don’t need you to have a college degree or formal education. A medical assistant helps doctors with administrative, general procedures, customer service work. https://remotemode.net/blog/19-well-paid-remote-jobs-that-dont-need-a-degree/ Medical assistants are the people you meet first when you visit a doctor/hospital. Having good organization skills and some prior experience in the field are helpful but no degree is required to get this job.

While it’s certainly helpful to have some previous experience working in sales, many companies are willing to consider applicants who have different career backgrounds. The key skill is being able to show that you have the ability to connect with new clients while maintaining relationships with current ones. In addition to being able to work from home, these jobs also tend to offer flexible or part-time hours, since you build your schedule around sales made more than hours worked. If you’re comfortable talking with people and finding solutions, you already have the experience required to succeed in this job. In most cases, the employer will provide you with the computer equipment you will use while working from home to respond to calls or messages from customers needing assistance. Employers also typically offer training, along with a script you use to reply to common questions.

Virtual Assistant

Video content is essential for attaining corporate and social media goals such as brand awareness, audience engagement, and lead generation, to name a few. They must be ready to shift their wording to keep a consistent tone for the customer and the channel. In addition to writing creative content, they are also responsible for researching keywords and proofreading their own work for accuracy and quality. Though remote work has been a feasible option for many years, only recently — in response to the coronavirus pandemic — have companies begun to fully accept it. By the middle of 2021, 16% of companies worldwide hired only remote employees. The ability to work independently is important since you will not be able to lean on your coworkers or superiors for quick answers.

  • Being a freelance writer is the job that you can consider if you are looking to make money from your passion.
  • Data entry jobs require good typing skills, basic computer knowledge, and preferably some experience in the field.
  • The key responsibilities — managing schedules, coordinating meetings, communicating with clients — are ones that can often be done from home.