Project Description

Las 7 Cabrillas


“The 7 Cabrillas, Ecotourism” is a company active tourism of Castilla La Mancha born as a venture project to promote rural development and tourism in the area of influence of the National Park Cabañeros.

Under the trade name “Pleiades The 7” is an enterprising, young native of the area, Bachelor of Environmental Science and astronomy lover.


Thus, The 7 Cabrillas born after years of training and practice with the sole purpose of transmitting environmental values through fun and educational activities such as astro-tourism and environmental education programs.

The programs have been designed and minucionamente consistent with academic training acquired, so all knowledge are accredited by previously cursados training programs, such as specific courses in astronomy, environmental education, monitor leisure time, environmental interpretation and hiking.



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Astronomy and Nature for all.

Special activities for families and special night hiking for adults.
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